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Theo The Pig

THEO THE PIG is about a loveable pig who is bred on a farm and explains in his own kind words why he and his family live there and what you can do to help him, his kind and the farmer to live a better way. It is a non-judgemental poetic story aimed at both children and adults alike, to highlight the reality of modern ‘norms’ and try to make a difference to the world.

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About the Theo the Pig

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Print price: 9.99 EUR

This book is entirely illustrated by hand, by myself, mainly during kids play times and having fun with my little ones. I really hope that kids around the world will enjoy this book and indeed may even use it as a platform to explain to adults how they feel and why they don’t want to harm animals.


It’s time for a change, in whatever way we can make it, one meal at a time, from young to old. Not just for our own health, but to save our beautiful planet and ultimately to be kind to all kinds.


For every Cook Vegan book purchased, you will feed a rescued farm animal. Ultimately it is my aim to open an animal sanctuary in Cyprus, and to help raise awareness on healthy eating and kindness to all.

Ken Spector
Happy Cow (USA)

“Beautiful artwork with an important message with some mouth-watering plant-based recipes!”

The Blind Spot Animal Sanctuary (USA)

We are proud to support Farah in her endeavour to encourage readers young and old to open their eyes and reconsider their relationship with those sentient creatures that are unnecessarily exploited.

Sascha Camilli - Author of Vegan Style (UK)

This adorable read offers the youngest of readers food for thought when it comes to animals - and lots of tasty recipes for yummy cruelty-free meals.

Cher Chevalier - Author & Spiritual Adviser (UK)

Theo The Pig shows us that animals are the same as me and you, they feel joy and pain, just like we do! May we never harm, 'farm' or treat them unkindly, but love them as members of our earthly family.

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