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What to Cook This Valentine's Dinner - Our List of 7 Great Valentine's Vegan Treats

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

With many of us still in lockdown, and for many money is tight, this is definitely the perfect year to be snuggling up at home with your home cooked meal for Valentines. But rather than sticking to one of your regular meals, it’s the perfect excuse to spend a little longer at the stove and make something special. Note that St Valentine's Day does not mean just for you and your partner, but could be for the whole family, for single parents and their kids, for those in lockdown alone or isolating, or if you are allowed to see someone in your 'bubble' like a sibling or friend. Let’s make it special, for if there was ever a year to enjoy the finer things, this is it!

The list below can either be combined to make one impressive seven course meal, or you can pick and choose what you like from it to make your own smaller menu.

1) Asian Pickled Vegetable Soup

Ideal for this time of year, this loving colour will warm your heart and tummy while even the least creative of us can still manage to whip up this soup and enjoy its colours, textures and flavours. It's unbelievably healthy too and shouldn't fill you up too much before your next course.

2) Nori Salad

Personally, I can't have any meal, ever, without a salad but as it's cold and winter, we want a bit of 'umph' to our salad this Valentines and why not make it beautiful at the same time! It's fun to play with whatever colours you have available to you and add them to your 'food for eyes' salad, and for a delicious dressing along with the bulk of the salad, try our Nori Salad here

3) Vegetables and Pasta infused with Basil

Made with cupboard essentials and a few fresh veg, this pasta is quick and easy and can be served on its own, as a starter or alongside the burgers below. Note, if you want to go for a truffle themed evening you can easily exchange basil olive oil for truffle oil. It's also really nice to use tricolore (I like fusilli) pasta for this one and enjoy the colours on this special day.

4) Buckwheat Burgers Infused with Truffle Oil

So good and so much fun. You can make these quite easily but they will taste like you've been slaving away for hours. Serve them on a bun, next to your beets, with the salad, or on a bed of vegan mashed potatoes. They don't need much as the truffle oil really gives it that air of 'je ne sais quoi'.

5) Roasted Beetroots and Potatoes

We all need something velvety red this Valentines, and beetroots make the perfect winter warmer when it comes to hearty vegetables, and accompanied by yummy potatoes, well you have a perfect team. You can even be creative and serve them all heart shaped.

6) Chocolate and Peanut Butter Gooey Cake

Well, it wouldn't be St Valentine's Day without a bit of chocolate indulgence, so dig into this sumptuous Gooey Chocolate Peanut Butter Dessert and have fun making it. Enjoy with vegan vanilla ice cream or coconut soya dessert on the side.

7) Stuffed Dates

These delicious 'petite fours' are the perfect after-meal treats and can be enjoyed cuddled up in bed, while watching your favourite Netflix series or with a bunch of cheeky kids. They are yummy, healthy and better than any chocolate bar on the market!

So wherever you are we are sending you lots of love, positive thoughts and happy Valentine’s wishes for a special day and year to follow. Much love from everyone at Cook Vegan!

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Sara El-Tahan
Sara El-Tahan
26. mar. 2021

Thank you Farah for always inspiring us and sharing with us your amazing recipes .

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