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What to cook this Christmas… that’s vegan!

As Christmas draws nearer, it’s that precious time of year when we need to write our final grocery list and head to the shops (or online orders) to buy all our special ingredients to make our Christmas meals tantalizing and scrumptious. The obvious omnivore menu is one most people’s minds, but what do vegan’s cook, or what should you make if you have vegans over for your Christmas dinner? Don’t worry, we have you covered here. The good news is that you aren’t tied down to the regular options often associated with Christmas food, and with that in mind, it’s time to invite your taste buds to a festive feast that won’t be forgotten in a hurry.


What better starter than a delicious festive pate. This can be served on crackers, wholegrain bread slices and rice cakes. We guarantee you everyone will love this one so you may want to make a little extra.


There are so many soups you can choose from but we are opting for a yummy cauliflower soup which is heart-warming and creamy, and has a different blend of flavours to what will follow. Check our the video here on how to make this easy soup.


There are loads of vegan roast options, not to mention vegan ‘turkey’ and ready-to-buy in frozen sections of supermarkets. For us, we have decided to stick with our delicious Chestnut Roast (recipe in ’40 Delicious Vegan Recipes’ and here in a YouTube video) and drench it in delicious onion gravy.

Side Dishes

Well, it can’t be Christmas without some brussels sprouts, but why make them boring? Add some colour to the plate with this beautiful recipe including pomegranates in a Christmas table favourite.

Another must have side dish is soft, fluffy, mashed potatoes…. And it doesn’t get better than plant based ones, I promise.


I think people don’t realise just how easy it is to veganise Christmas Cake, but here it is in case you haven’t already ordered, made or bought your own vegan version. Warning this is a fun video presented mainly by my, then 7 year old daughter. There are lots of amazing vegan Christmas cake recipes online and I will be posting my own favourite soon so watch this space.

For those who want a different option, this chocolate date cake is one of our family’s all-time favourites and is the perfect after dinner treat (available in my book).

Petite Fours

Vegan protein balls can make the perfect after meal bites, and it just can’t be Christmas without some cinnamon, so try these:

Chocolate balls

Nutty Date Delights

Nut and date balls


If you haven’t made vegan egg nog, be prepared to fall in love! Yes there’s no ‘egg’ and no ‘nog’ but this recipe will leave you wanting more and feeling Christmas all around.

Don’t forget to stock up on vegan wines to make sure your festive cheer is loud and clear!

There are so many other recipes ideal for Christmas on Cook Vegan’s Facebook group, posted by myself and over 6000 active members, plus an array of inspiration on our YouTube channel. Don’t forget to join, subscribe and connect.

Have a very Merry Christmas and help spread that pure love and kindness around this Christmas with every vegan option you offer.

Much love 😊

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