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Welcome Farah’s Club

I am so excited to launch my latest venture, Farah’s Club. Here’s a little bit about how it started and what to expect.

During the first lockdown, with a new born baby literally in hand, I started a Facebook group called COOK VEGAN which within days had reached thousands of members. My recipes and posts have helped transform many people’s lives and opinions on what it is to be both healthy and conscious. It’s been an amazing journey and I have met people all over the world via zoom interviews and social media connections that have not only touched my life, but also enriched that of the community. However, so many friends and people I meet have commented that they are not on Facebook, or even social media a lot, and are looking for a simpler solution. Hence, the ideas for Farah’s Club was born – a platform and a community that can be more interactive, personal, and not rely on any form of social media. Where the members do not have to look for posts or information, it all comes directly to their inbox, however should they wish to be more active, there is an entire platform where they can also listen to audios, take a quiz, fill out a questionnaire for feedback, chat to me over zoom, and ultimately I can tailor make some recipes and content directed at their needs. It is a club for those who are interested in in living a healthier, better version of themselves, whether vegan or not.

  • You can expect a weekly recipe delivered to your inbox. My recipes do not require a huge and expensive supermarket shop, hours of kitchen time or a tonne of washing up. They are all easy to make, taste great and healthy. It’s things that you can make just for yourself, your loved ones or when expecting guests.

  • A lifestyle article every week that will cover interesting topics from healthy living, mindset ideas, nutrition facts and self-love.

  • A monthly audio (like a podcast) available on the platform which will cover plant based and healthy living concepts from both myself and leading experts in the field.

  • A free Starter Kit e-book with TEN amazing recipes to help you begin a healthy and delicious journey.

  • Weekly zoom meetings which all members are welcome to attend and discuss any issues plus with cooking tips and more.

  • Access to Farah’s Club platform where you can take a quiz and do a questionnaire, read blogs and interesting articles and feel at home learning more about kinder ways of living.

If you're looking to take the next step, if you want to take the guess work out of healthy nutrition, if you want a way to nourish your body without sacrificing your social life, Farah's Club is for you! I wanted to make this club as affordable as possible, while covereing the expenses of setting it up, and hence it is ONLY €7 per month with an amazing just €1 to try it out for the first week. So do not miss this chance to give yourself a bit of time, love and kindness. Sign up now and I look forward to meeting you there!

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