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Top Ten Vegan Breakfast Ideas

Whether you have been vegan for years or whether you are new to this lifestyle, we can all find ourselves in rut and wondering what to have at certain mealtimes. So here is a list of my household’s top ten breakfast ideas that gets us through most mornings. The nice thing about this selection is that it’s varied yet all healthy and nutritious, and most importantly for COOK VEGAN ethos, all very quick and easy to make 😊

1. Porridge

This first and most important staple can be made in so many ways its actually needs its own blog! For starters you can have wholegrain, steel cut, porridge oats or gluten free. I strongly recommend you soak your oats overnight to remove the phytic acid and get the max out of your grains, and then you can heat it up with berries, dried or fresh fruits, nuts, syrups, spices and so much more. My personal favourite is simple blueberry porridge and you can see the recipe below.

2. Pancakes

Vegan pancakes are so unbelievable delicious and can be made in so many ways, it puts non vegan pancakes to shame…. In fact, I don’t know why anyone eats non-vegan pancakes anymore! You can even make delicious gluten free vegan pancakes using bananas, buckwheat flour, gluten free oat flour, almond flour and so much more. Dress them with maple or agave syrup, berries or fruits….I’m drooling just writing this!

3. French Toast

A traditional recipe that always looks like it takes longer than it actually does, personally I have three easy ways of making this delicious ‘treat’ breakfast that are all not only super quick, but also super healthy. I would love to know which one you guys preferred. Tuck in and enjoy 😊 Warning, you may find yourselves making these thought out the day, not just for breakfast!

4. Granola

Whether store bought or for the more adventurous amongst us, home baked and made, granola can be one of the most nutritious starts to the day incorporating grains, nuts, seeds and fruits. It’s also incredibly tasty and can be adapted to suit most people’s taste. It can also be a perfect way to support local health companies by asking them to tailor make to your liking….and can also be gluten free.

5. Healthy Wholegrain Cereal

For newer vegans, it may be hard at first to decipher which cereals are vegan or not, but as you delve deeper into the supermarket cereal aisle (or google!), you may also start to discover that not all cereals are particularly healthy. Hence, some research may have to be done but be sure that it will pay off and that many wholegrain cereals out there are very nutritious and oh so delicious with your favourite plant-based milk.

6. Fruit

So obvious it just has to be mentioned as many seem to forget. Nature’s pre-packaged food-on-the-go is ready for the 21st century busy lifestyle. Bananas and apples are the definition of convenience breakfast food and also make fab snacks for any time of the day, convenient for any handbag or backpack. Choose your favourite fruit, and it’s one of the ultimate kick-starts to your day and a massive energy booster (a little reminder that a green apple can wake up you more efficiently than a cup of coffee!)

7. Smoothies

Easy to make and the ultimate for nutrition, there are literally thousands of variations of healthy smoothies you can make. Some use fruits, vegetables, nut butters, protein powders, plant milks, water, seeds, nuts and so much more. One of my favourites for breakfast is our Protein Kick smoothie, and these also make fab brekkies to go, in your handy eco-friendly travel mug that every conscientious individual now owns!

More ideas:

Chocolate Mint Smoothie

Avocado Oat Smoothie - recipe here.

Blueberry Smoothie

Banana Berry Smoothie

8. Sandwiches or Toast

Choose your bread, wholegrain, multigrain, flavoured …. And choose your topping, from avocado, peanut butter, vegan ham or cheese, berries, and so much more. Easy, quick and so good for you. This is a great filler for those who want to start the day with a king’s breakfast.

9. Vegan Yoghurt With Berries Or Fresh Fruit

There are so many vegan yoghurts on the market, some tasting exactly like their dairy counterpart. Not only can you buy them flavoured, but you can also add fresh fruit, seeds and nuts, or sprinkle granola or spices onto them, and you will have a convenient and yummy breakfast that makes a change from so many other tastes.

10. Chia Seed Pudding

Prepared from the night before, this is a super easy breakfast that also a superfood! Again, there are so many variants of this recipe but here is a our favourite easy one and a good way to start.

Above are a selective list of some yummy go-to’s, and this is not to mention a sneaky No.11 bonus option, maybe for Sunday brunch, of tofu scramble with vegan sausages and baked beans. There’s so much goodness to be had in the morning, whether you have time at home or whether you are on the go. So whatever you opt for, we hope that you have found this delicious, healthy and above all easy list of ideas and reminders helpful! Happy Breakfast Time!

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Sara El-Tahan
Sara El-Tahan
Feb 25, 2021

This is so helpful. Thank you Farah for creating these brilliant recipes !

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