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Top Ten Tips to Stay Healthy… during lockdowns and beyond!”

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

It’s Spring time, a month of hope and celebrating women, and for many we are beginning to see the light after lockdown after lockdown. Some of us are still in full Covid 19 lockdowns or isolating, for others we have strict regulation imposed, but wherever you are and whatever your circumstances, a lot of us are indeed feeling like we are living ground hog day. How many days can we stay at home? No travelling, seeing loved ones, friends? We feel we’ve done it all, and are definitely ready to move on. Indeed, we’ve all organised our cupboards enough time! Yet fear not, with vaccines on the horizon and for some even taken, there is a light at the end of this tunnel and however frustrated we are, we know the end is nearing. So here are some ideas of how we can stay healthy, both in mind and body, and ultimately stay sane, until this pandemic is over and even beyond!

1. Routine

Although lounging around at home in pjs may in itself seem like our new routine, we ultimately need to have some form of structure and familiarity to our day. On top of ourselves as adults needing this, our children and families are desperate it for. So, get up and actually get dressed, try to look nice so that you can feel nice on the inside too. It’s a good reminder that we need to make an effort for ourselves.

2. Exercise

Not just for our physical health, but very importantly for our mental. Pretty much in all countries with lockdown, a walk a day is permitted so whatever the weather, or your mood, try to get those limbs moving! Not only does your body need it, but you will be having a change of atmosphere, breathing in fresh air and giving your mind a break. Nature is one of the best medicines and if that past year has given us anything, it’s a little bit of our nature back and hopefully our appreciation for it.

We can also make the most of even the tiniest space at home with stretches, watching YouTubers like Joe Wicks, dancing to tunes, exercising with studios like Indaba Yoga or subscribing to sites like YogiApproved.

Finally, exercise will ultimately help you sleep better at night, which we all need to stay sane!

3. Eat healthy

How easy it is now to order takeout and enjoy your favourite comfort food at home, away from any critical eyes, but let’s face it, we all want to stay healthy and not have be rolled out of our homes at the end of lockdown! So, this is the perfect time to practise your cooking skills, try out different cuisine and enjoy some amazing meals at home which will taste so much better after your efforts preparing them. Don’t forget to subscribe to our own YouTube channel for plenty of healthy inspiration and my new 40 Delicious Vegan Recipe Book is also now out!

4. Make time for yourself

Sounds crazy, right? If anything, lockdown has us with too much time for ourselves. But really, are we giving ourselves times? Between working from home which means being on call all the time, home-schooling kids for many parents, cooking, cleaning, sorting out the house and so much more, it’s easy to forget that you too need some time. So, take time out every day to be there for yourself and do one thing a day for you, whether that’s a facemask, a long bath, a phone call to a friend, whatever reminds you that you love you…and also how many others out there love you!

5. Watch things that make you happy

With so much to catch up on daily, it’s easy to turn on the news and panic that this pandemic will never end. Many of us turn to Netflix or our favourite subscriptions, and can easily find ourselves in some gory series inducing even more stress on our psyche. Hence, this point is a gentle reminder to try to find something light hearted, easy to watch and that will help you escape and relax. Maybe for some that means a documentary, or a thriller, could be it’s a romcom, or even a goldie oldie; whatever works for you, just make sure you can unwind.

6. Read and educate yourself

The perfect time to catch up on all those novels and books that everyone has been buying you for the last ten Christmases, but seriously don’t put off reading anymore. It’s the ideal time to get stuck into a book and keep on learning. It’s also time away from the screen.

7. Stay up to date with your Industry Trends

While we are working from home or even if some of us can go into our offices, the past year has been a lot of trouble shooting and definitely not ‘normal’ for any industry. Therefore, in this crazy time, it may be the best time to catch up on our industry trends and expert predications about what will be coming next. It’s a great way to stay ahead and be prepared for whatever the next stage may look like.

8. Stay positive …. In mind!

If ever there was a time to write a gratitude diary, this is it! It’s also the ideal time to practice meditation or prayer. Giving yourself these precious moments every day, with daily reminders of all there is to be grateful for and why, has never been so crucial.

9. Plan

In a time when all plans have gone out of the window, 2021 may finally be a time to plan! It’s a great time to plan your day ahead, plan your meals, plan your weekly shopping and even plan your holidays. It’s great to feel comfortable that everything has been arranged, your weekly grocery order is organised, your kids school lessons are all printed, and so on. It will really alleviate a lot of pressure we can all put on ourselves in these hectic days.

10. Dream

Not to be confused with planning, dreaming is to keep site of hope. To remember happier more carefree days, to enjoy so much of the present, and most importantly to keep positive and imagine so much more that is coming and all you will accomplish. Dream of your holidays, of reuniting with your loved ones, of attending concerts, visiting museums, living a better version of you, and so so so much more. Dream big and dream lots!

So, while we are still in the midst of the global pandemic, there is so much we can do to keep up sane, grounded and happy.

Stay safe, stay well and stay sane!

Farah Shammas

Managing Director

St Raphael Resort and Marina, Limassol, Cyprus

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Sara El-Tahan
Sara El-Tahan
26 de mar. de 2021

What a great article ! It is so helpful and I feel that everyone needs to read this specially during these strange times we are going through .

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